Nunc est un label dédié aux musiques libres fondé par le guitariste Richard Comte en 2017 autour de sa démarche artisanale englobant tous les niveaux de la production musicale. Conçu comme la vitrine d’un atelier, Nunc. est un lien direct entre musiciens et auditeurs et fait résonner dans un même espace editorial de nombreuses collaborations rassemblées autour de l’instant et du son, sans aucune barrière esthétique.

Nunc is an independent label dedicated to liberated, open music, centred around the experience of sound in the moment ; Established in 2017 by the guitarist Richard Comte around his artisanal approach which includes all stages of musical production., Nunc serves as a direct link with listeners,  a sharing of creative spaces, with a continuing catalogue of releases which will form part of an ongoing creative whole.

音楽するということは、ひとつになろうとする集団的な行為だし、なによりも、職人のように作ることだし、創作の過程は、壁にさえぎられていないし、瞬間が予知できないからこそ、わたしたちを生き生きとさせてくれるからだし、その瞬間の、感受性とこわれやすさを分かちあいたいからだ。Nuncは、瞬間と音の経験をとおして、探求と共有の開かれた空間のまわりに 集まってきた自由なミュージシャンたちに向けられた独立レーベルだ。 2017年にリシャール・コントによって創立されたNuncは、音楽制作の一切の過程をふくんでいる職人的なアプローチによって、聴く人たちと直接につながることを目的としている。 こうしたアプローチのと核となっているのが即興で、それが均衡を保とうとする気配りの中で、作曲のさまざまな方法と結びついていく。それは、実用的な能力を共有できるものとし、創作スペースを分かちあい、制作上のあらゆることを全体的な創作のプロセスとして提供することである。

à propos de Richard Comte :


« Lorsqu’il ne joue pas le jazz contemporain avec ses amis du Collectif Coax, de Vegan Dallas à Hippie Diktat, ne brosse le décor de nulle conteuse ni ne joue les trublions noise au sein d’aucun ensemble dadaïste, Richard Comte tisse en solitaire ou lors de rencontres plus éphémères d’étranges structures arachnéennes fondées sur les harmoniques et leur propagation dans l’espace immédiat. Les réminiscences industrielles issues de sa guitare se mêlent ainsi à la permanente poésie de son monde intérieur où le Plateau des Millevaches croît à deux pas du Périph’ Est, où Derek Bailey croise Thurston Moore et la chanson rock se dresse soudain entre le théâtre et la danse. » 

Joel Pagier.

About the label founder :

Richard Comte is a guitarist composer and producer active in the improvised music scene since 2005. He employs contemporary music compositional concepts and free improvisation processes combined with noise rock energy and sounds. Influenced by Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Glenn Branca and Steven O’Malley, his guitar playing is focused on the sonic possibilities of his instrument, he uses resonances and textures created by prepared guitar, analogue treatments and a custom sound diffusion system. He is a sonic sculptor, drawing timeless spaces – from loud immersive drones to spacious resonances bordering on silence itself. His work is a powerful and very personal sensory sound experience.

He is a co-founder of the bands Hippie Diktat, Roue Libre, Vegan Dallas and he is part of bands such as AUM Grand Ensemble, PoulainJars in addition to playing in many improv shows.

He has played with Simon H. Fell, Mark Sanders, Shabaka Hutchings, Mars Williams, Jim Black, Jozef Dumoulin, Jasper Stadhouders, Makoto Sato, Alex Ward and many more…

He also works in the field of contemporary composed music and took part in the creation of pieces by Eliane Radigue, Michael Pissaro , Juan Pablo Carreño and he also interpreted Fausto Romitelli’s solo piece « Trash Tv Trans » during the DA festival in 2016. 

The dimension of space generated by his music has led him naturally into many collaborations with contemporary dance, theatre, performance and visual arts. 

His production work comes from the inner necessity of handling the sound from the conception to the mastering and brings him to a lot of collaborations which both match and feed his musical field musical experience (especially in « Jungenstill I & II » for the New York label ESP with Chris Speed, Lee Konitz Chris Cheek, Stephane Furic and Jim Black, and the « BOAT » recording series for the Belgium label RAT with Nate Wooley Andrew D’Angelo, Marc Ducret, Trevor Dunn). 





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