Simon H. Fell Richard Comte Jean Luc Petit « Limoges »

This album is a coproduction with the label Bruce’s Fingers

Poised and coherent improvised music, recorded in Limoges in October 2017. Contrabass clarinet, 5-string (low B) double bass, electric guitar – things are already off to a fine start. Add sporadic stratospheric sopranino saxophone to the mix and stir well…

Simon H. Fell: double bass

Richard Comte: guitar

Jean-Luc Petit: sopranino saxophone, contrabass clarinet

Nunc. NUNC011 / Bruce’s Fingers BF 142 

2017 (42 mins.) digital / CD

© Bruce’s Fingers / Nunc. 2019

full track listing:

1. Limoges [41:40]

all music composed by Richard Comte, Jean-Luc Petit & Simon H. Fell

© Comte/Petit/’Fell 2017

recorded in Limoges, France; 25th October 2017

recorded by Richard Comte

mixing by Comte/Petit/Fell

production & mastering by Richard Comte & Simon H. Fell

layout & graphic design by SHF

cover image by Jo Fell © Jo Fell 2013